WalkingBear Farm Photo Gallery
Just for fun around the farm!!!!
FireFly gets so cold after his bath.
The closest thing at hand was a
sheet belonging to a 16 hand horse!!
He didn't care, it was warm.
FrieFly is checking out a new ride!!
Pretty comfy!! And yes he jumped right
in with no hesitation.
FireFly and his buddy Ben sneak out of
their paddock while Dad was sleeping.
They knocked on the door but no one
answered. They were bored and
proceeded to rearrange the front porch.
The foals love stealing Moms fly mask!
Being born is hard work and Moms feeder is a nice
and comfy place for a nap.
FireFly raiding the picnic basket
He is such a character. So much fun
to have around.
everywhere with us and everyone
in a good way.