Walkingbear Farm
Meet our Mares
Elk Creek Isabelle
"Izzy" is our homozygous pinto
mare and has produced some
awesome pintaloosa foals. One of
which achieved National top ten.
Her bloodlines are Vant Huttenest
and Del Tera.
Komokos Silver Cloud 1986-2010
Sadly we lost our wonderful Mare. We miss her dearly. She
loved her foals and gave us two very nice fillies: WB
Kallabow Silver Cloud and WB Jaina Silver Cloud She was
double bred Chianti and an own daughter of the famous and
much sought after HNFS Chief Whitenose.
Rest in Peace our beloved mare.
We miss you.
In Retirement
Scott Creek Glory Bea is a leopard
appy mare and has produced some
awesome foals. One of her little
fillies became the Austrailian
National Champion mare."Aunt Bea"
will "babysit" the other mares
foals. She takes good care of the
little weanlings. She usualy has a
crowd of little ones around her.This
mare will not be having any more
foals as she is 29 years old. She
has a new owner but still lives with
us here at the ranch. She has a
great pesonality. Loves being the
yard pet. She has free run of the
barn yard.
Blue Opels Ida Rose
AMHR AND AMHA registered
Our newest additon to our Mini horse
family. Both her sire and dam had
appaloosa color and she is begining to
spot out. Bred to FireFly's Rebel
Command for a 2016 foal.
Scott Creek Glory Bea
AMHR and AMHA registered