Walkingbear Farm
Meet our Mares
In Retirement
"Bea Bea" Scott is a leopard appy
mini mare and has produced some
awesome foals. One of her little
fillies became the Australian
National Champion mare."Aunt Bea"
will "babysit" the other mares
foals. She takes good care of the
little weanlings. She usua
lly has a
crowd of little ones around her.

This mare will not be having any
more foals as she is
35+ years old.
She has a new owner but still lives
with us here at the ranch. She has
a great pe
rsonality. Loves being the
yard pet. She has free run of the
barn yard.
"Sandy Oaks First to Dance"
"Belle" is nicely refined, 34" tall, and the kindest, gentlest little horse I have ever known, She will seek
out and try to comfort any horse on the place that is stressed or upset. She is smart, easy to train, and
not spooky. She is currently in harness training. We plan to breed her to FireFly for a 2021 foal. She
has been color tested and has one copy of LP and Patn. She has been also been tested and is
negative for the known dwarfism genes. Can't wait to see what her and FireFly produce for us!
"Abby" is a beautiful Silver Bay mare with a sterling pedigree. Her sire is the
famous "Woodstock North's Who's Appy Now (HOF) She will be bred to
FireFly for a 2021 foal and is currently in harness training. We are so
delighted to be able to purchase this fantastic mare.